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Waldron Mercy Academy is one of the only preschools in the Philadelphia region offering both Montessori and non-Montessori tracks to learning. We work with prospective families and offer guidance to pick the learning style that best fits their child’s interests, needs and emotional development.

In Waldron Mercy’s Montessori Program, we meet each child’s developmental needs in a nurturing environment, providing for independent learning and hands-on activities. During the three-year program, many children develop their first long-term friendships and teacher bonds that form a foundation of trust, support and connection. Based on Maria Montessori’s theory of development, this interdisciplinary and interactive curriculum includes lessons in four distinct areas: practical life, sensorial, mathematics and language.

Early on, we instill a strong sense of responsibility, for ourselves and for each other. Our older students are connected to Waldron Mercy Academy and participate in outreach programs to help understand their role in the community from a very young age.

Upon graduation at five, our students are ready. Ready for Kindergarten and energized to continue their education and personal growth.

Mary Augustine

Dedicated Montessori Faculty

Miss Mary Augustine, Montessori teacher, was our Winter 2016 issue of the Blue & Gold magazine. Learn more about Waldron Mercy's Montessori program and Mary's teaching philosophies from that interview.

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