Meet Agustin Aliaga

Agustin AliagaAgustin AliagaAgustin Aliaga

High School: The Haverford School
Favorite Subject: Math and Science
Favorite Teacher: Ms. Flanagan
Started WMA: 3rd grade

Agustin Aliaga excelled at Waldron Mercy Academy. He dove head first into all of his academic endeavors, taking advanced math classes on his own, and his extracurricular activities, signing up for anything that would fit in his busy schedule. He participated in the Toshiba/ExploraVision competition and forensics, and played on the soccer and basketball teams. And, of course, he was involved in many of the wonderful outreach projects that happen each year at Waldron Mercy. A stand-out for Agustin was visiting with the children at Mercy Neighborhood Ministries.

Like most of our Waldron Mercy alumni, Agustin says the thing he’ll miss most are the fabulous teachers. How could he not! It’s no wonder that one of his most rewarding assignments was public speaking during a forensics competition, moderated by his favorite teacher Ms. Flanagan. There’s no doubt that she and Agustin’s other teachers aided in preparing him to, as he so eloquently summarized, "live life with integrity and strong with ethics."

Over the summer, Agustin will have a blast shooting hoops at sleep-away basketball camp before heading off to Haverford in September.

Best of luck, Agustin. We know you’re going to soar in high school!

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