Meet Katie Dewey

Katie DeweyKatie DeweyKatie Dewey

High School: Friends' Central
Favorite Subject: History
Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Pawlish
Started WMA: PreK

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Katie Dewey gives her all in everything she takes on. During her nine years at Waldron Mercy Academy, she challenged herself academically and artistically. She shined onstage, performing in the Waldron Mercy theater productions since the second grade. Katie also flourished academically. She enjoyed the challenge of the 10-page research paper in language arts and appreciated the teaching style of her favorite teacher, Mrs. Pawlish. Katie says “Mrs. Pawlish teaches math, which is a class that is hard for me. She teaches in a way that makes the math make sense.”

Aside from her dedication to her studies and theater, Katie lived the WMA mission of spreading the spirit of Mercy. She knows that at school Mercy is everywhere. Hard to pick one, Katie reported that her favorite outreach program was reading to the sisters in the nursing home.

While she will most certainly miss her friends and the Waldron Mercy Academy community, she knows that Waldron Mercy has prepared her for high school and beyond. Before heading off to Friends’ Central in the fall, Katie will enjoy some family vacation time in Maine and attend an overnight camp.


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