Meet Vincent Vento

Vincent VentoVincent VentoVincent Vento

High School: The Episcopal Academy
Favorite Subject: Math and History
Favorite Teacher: Ms. Flanagan
Started WMA: PreK

Throughout his nine years at Waldron Mercy Academy, Vincent has proven that he is a man of many talents. He participated in Forensics, Toshiba, Model UN, chorale and treblemakers, spring theater and Stars and Stripes theater, Mercy Neighborhood Ministries, served as assistant editor for yearbook and took piano and violin lessons.

While at Waldron Mercy, Vincent’s teachers challenged him academically with assignments like the research paper. He raised the bar, challenging himself even further, by choosing topics such as stem cell research to report on. He also recognizes how his teachers have broadened his horizons, like Ms. Flanagan who introduced him to Vincent to public speaking. “Public speaking is something I have enjoyed, hope to do professionally and for which I have been academically rewarded.”

Vincent is making the most of his summer vacation, traveling to Germany and Czech Republic with the Keystone State Boychoir and then to St. Lucia with my family for vacation. While at home, he’ll spend his time practicing and strengthening his violin skills. Finally, Vincent I will be participating in Outward Bound with the other rising 9th graders from with Episcopal Academy.

Vincent says that he will miss the amazing faculty and all of my friends but he knows that because of the education he received at Waldron Mercy Academy he is extremely prepared for high school at Episcopal. “I hope to succeed there as I have at Waldron Mercy!”

We know you’re going to be great Vincent!

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