Meet Alex Towers

Alex Towers at graduation

High School Attending: Episcopal Academy
Favorite Subject: Math and Language Arts
Hardest and most rewarding assignment: 8th grade Language Arts research paper

Alex came to WMA in 5th grade and remembers that first day of school well. Recess that day was where she was warmly embraced by her new classmates many of whom she says she is lucky to call them her close friends to this day.

Alex’s greatest passion outside of school is swimming to which she dedicates hours of time to training before and after school.  Despite the level of commitment she has to the sport, she also makes time for a number of community service works including establishing a special project with her family raising funds for gift cards to distribute to homeless individuals in Philadelphia.

At graduation, Alex was recognized with the Award for General Excellence in 8th Grade Curriculum as well as the Award for Outstanding Achievement for earning “A”s in all major subjects this year. Alex also received the prestigious Leadership Award, presented each year to two students who exemplify the qualities of mercy, service, effort, and the ability to influence others to do the same.

Mrs. Pawlish is Alex’s stand out teacher even though the first day of class was intimidating. “Looking back, I am so grateful for the challenges and how she pushed me to my limits!  Thanks to her, I am not afraid of math [in high school]!”

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