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Alumni Visit Campus and Stay Connected to WMA!

We are always thrilled when our alums visit us. It gives us an opportunity to learn about the many and varied paths they have taken since their days at Waldron Mercy Academy. Please feel free to stop in "to share your story" and see first-hand all the exciting things happening on campus.

Many thanks to all our Waldron and Merion alumni who joined us at Tigerfest '17. In attendance for the fabulous evening were: Peggy Doyle MMA '81, Anne Kelly King MMA '83, Angela McGovern Avery MMA, Bill Frio WA '84, Andrew McCloskey WA '84, Jim McGovern WA '85, Christine Plociennik Conners MMA '86, Eileen M Everly MMA '91, Pam Kelly Cabrera WMA '91, David DeAngelis WMA '91, Nicole Fenlon McKeown WMA '91, Jeanine Fenlon Brown WMA '92, Ryan Brown WMA '92, Sean Quigley WMA '92, Joe Leonard WMA '93, Nick Morinigo WMA '93, Nora Kelly WMA '94, Katie Murtha Dickman WMA '98, Ann Pelicata Muth WMA '98, Sabrina Perry WMA '98, Megan Zak WMA '08, Peter Stetser WMA '09, Nicole Marchese WMA '10, Dominique Marchese WMA '11, Michael Marchese WMA '16. We love having you there!




Such devotion from Kevin Powers '63 who flew from Santa Rosa, CA to attend the funeral this morning of his former Waldron teacher, Sr. Lois McDonough. Sister loved this class and felt a special bond with them as she taught them for two years. He is pictured today with Sr. Joellen, Peg Flynn, and Sr. Kathleen Anne McKee on his visit to WMA.

Great visit with Ed Watson '84 who was in town from Florida as he poses with alumni director Peg Flynn and his former teacher, Sr. Kathleen Anne McKee.

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