Meet BK Kothari

BK KothariBK Kothari

High School: Friends’ Central School
Favorite Subject: Math
Standout teacher: Mrs. Pawlish
Hardest and most rewarding assignment: STEM Character Project

It’s hard to believe how quickly the last three years have gone.  BK joined us at Waldron in 6th grade and shares the transition was very easy and that everyone, students and teachers alike, welcomed him and were supportive of him. Over those three years, BK has played basketball and football, and ran track and field. He also participated in Forensics and the William R. Sasso Student Diplomat Program as well as served as a student ambassador for admissions and video producer support for Community Gatherings. BK was also recognized by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Youth Talent for her academic achievements in middle school.

BK credits Mrs. Pawlish for holding him and his classmates to a high standard both in and outside of math class. “This made me a better student and a better person.”

This summer, BK will be keeping up his love of basketball at several camps as well as traveling to India for a family wedding.

Congratulations, BK!  We are proud of all your accomplishments.

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