Meet Elisa Xuan McKinley

Elisa McKinleyElisa McKinley

High School: The Baldwin School
Favorite Subject: History
Most rewarding assignment: family interview
Began at WMA: Pre-K

Swimming, volleyball, yearbook, and forensics kept Elisa very busy this year. Despite the many extracurriculars in her life, Elisa stays focused on school work and credits three of her teachers—Mrs. DeSanto, Ms. Flanagan, and Mrs. Pawlish—are role models and mentors who prepared her well for high school. At graduation, she received an award for outstanding achievement for “As” in all major subjects this year.

Elisa loved her class trip to Project Home where they prepared meals for homeless people. “I really got a chance to learn about the root causes of homelessness, which helped me realize the stereotypes are not the real picture.”  The trip was also a chance to reconnect with a past teacher again and to see mercy in action. 

“I will most definitely miss the dedicated and caring teachers. Over the past ten years, the teachers have taught me not just the subject matter (which I am very grateful for), but just as important, their caring, kindness and compassion have taught me much about respecting and loving our fellow human beings regardless of who they are or what they look like. Waldron has taught me that I can accomplish anything, to follow my dreams with passion and enthusiasm, and to always remember to do so with mercy and compassion for others.”

This summer, Elisa plans on attending camps at Villanova University and the Franklin Institute, as well as traveling to NYC for a theatre show and to the shore with family. Congratulations, Elisa!  Your future is bright!

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