Meet Jack Gorman

Jack Gorman Jack Gorman Jack Gorman

High School: St. Joseph's Preparatory School
Favorite Subject: Science
Started WMA: Grade 6
Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Desanto. "Mrs. Desanto I think stood out to me the most because of her personality, like how she had a 'meme' on the board everyday to welcome us into her class."

The past three years at Waldron Mercy Academy have been chock full of hard work and fun times for Jack. While at Waldron Mercy, Jack has played sports and participated in many outreach activities. He played football and baseball all three years and suited up for the basketball team during his eighth grade year. When he first came to WMA, the very first outreach program that he participated in was St. Columba's. Jack reflects "When I got there I had no idea that there would be so many of my new friends that would be there. Because of this I realized how much mercy is involved in Waldron Mercy and is present even outside of school."

One thing that had a big impact for Jack was his science teacher, Ms. Pierce, who helped foster his love of the subject: "My favorite subject in Waldron Mercy is definitely science. I believe that this is because of my teacher that I have had for two years in science who is Ms. Pierce. This had a big impact on why I like science because of her enthusiasm and her energy towards science which I think has transferred over to me."

The thing Jack says he will miss most about WMA is the friendships, but he feels well prepared for the future. "Waldron Mercy has prepared me for the enormous amount of workload that I have heard I will be experiencing at the prep next year. I feel like that WMA has prepared me emotionally and academically for high school next year."

Before heading off to St. Joe's Prep in the fall, Jack will head off to Ireland to visit some extended family and attend Fleadh Ceoil.

Best of luck, Jack, and Slainte!

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