Meet Jimmy McGovern

Jimmy McGovern Jimmy McGovern Jimmy McGovern

High School Attending: St. Joseph’s Prep
Favorite Subject: History
Hardest and most rewarding assignment: 9-page paper on rap music
Standout Teacher: Mrs. DeSanto

Jimmy is a second-generation WMA alumnus who joined us in Montessori.  Over his years here at Waldron, he has excelled on the soccer, basketball, and track and field teams, participated in PA Mathematics League, and in countless outreach activities.  He shares that he enjoyed “doing outreach and seeing everyone come together to help people in need.”

He also participated in the William R. Sasso Student Diplomat Program as well as served as a student ambassador for admissions. At graduation, Jimmy was recognized with the award for excellence in the study of religion which is given to students who show their continuous knowledge, articulation, preparedness, and participation in the subject.

What will he miss most about WMA? His friends.

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