Meet Alexa Battaglia

Alexa BattagliaAlexa Battaglia

High School: Merion Mercy Academy
Favorite Subject: Language Arts
Started at WMA: 1st grade
Waldron prepare me for: high school and juggling academics, extracurricular activities, and social life. I feel equipped to take on Merion Mercy Academy in the fall!
Alexa was involved in many activities at WMA including field hockey, lacrosse, track and field, Honors Chorale, theatre, and yearbook staff. She loved to witness mercy through many outreach opportunities and enjoyed most her time with the pre-school aged children at Mercy Neighborhood Ministries.

When asked about the hardest, yet most rewarding assignment, Alexa cited the “Life Project” in math class. The assignment has students prepare for real life scenarios such as interviewing for a job and budgeting our finances in order to purchase a home or car. It was in this class that Alexa found her stand out teacher: Mrs. Pawlish. “She has not only taught me algebra, but has taught me life skills which I will utilize daily. She is so supportive and encouraging and I will miss her warm smile, laughing with her, and sharing stories with her every day.”

What will she miss most at WMA? Warm and friendly faces of the faculty and staff.  Best wishes at Merion Mercy Academy, Alexa.  We’re glad you will be just up the hill from us!

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