Visual Arts

At Waldron Mercy Academy, it is our goal to give our students a world perspective, including fulfilling a need for one’s soul to have art and music.

Music at Waldron Mercy flows through the campus and the community. Led by music teachers that are also practicing professionals, we bring the music to life.

Art is the key expansion of STEM to STEAM, both in and out of technology pursuits. Art structured with math plants the seed of visualization that supports deeper understandings of geometry and other math concepts. When the students learn about art, history and culture together, in combination with their outreach work, they develop an appreciation and understanding of their interconnection. Music is also integrated into STEAM programming, fusing music and science.

At WMA, we set the bar high, and model friendliness and kindness throughout the campus. Our alumni often come back for coaching both because they recognize the caliber of the instruction and because they know they are always welcome.

Our culture of community is especially important for the study of music, where music and performance allow students to work on team building and collaboration. Students build the confidence to perform for their classmates, their families and throughout the region, including for audiences served by our service and outreach projects. Student artwork graces the walls of our historic buildings and shine a light of brightness on many of our community projects. The world is their canvas.

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