Christmas Concert 2016Choir is for everyone - all students in grades one through eight are enrolled in choir classes. In addition to the academic music curriculum, we offer two select choirs for which students are selected through an audition process: Treblemakers, for grades four through six, and Chorale, for grades seven and eight. All choir groups have specific performance wear and concerts to attend.

Cherub Choir

Students in grades one and two will learn the basics of chorale sings through fun and rhythmically challenging unison and partner songs. They will develop a sense of team work and confidence when they perform in both the Christmas Concert and Spring Concert.

Glee Club

Glee Club members consist of students in grades three and four who continue to learn lifelong singing skills along with basic note reading and ear training. They begin to sing in harmony with Partner Songs and two-part pieces performed at the Christmas Concert and Spring Concert.

Junior Choir

Junior Choir members, students in grades five and six, continue to build their music reading skills through sight singing and rhythm exercises. They perform in two-part pieces and their repertoire expands to include more modern songs. They perform at the Christmas and Spring Concerts with the Middle School Choir.

Middle School Choir

Students in grades seven and eight choose to be members for the Middle School Choir. Divided into two groups, they meet once every six days in the cycle during part of their lunch/recess and their advisory periods. Students sing pieces for their specific voice types and combine during the concerts to sing in three- and four-part harmonies. The song selection is extremely varied and a ton of fun!


This audition only group is comprised of students in grades four through six. Students must show that they have the ability to match pitch and sing in harmony. Treblemakers members meet at 7:30 a.m. in the morning on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, depending on his or her voice part. 

They perform a much more challenging repertoire and represent Waldron Mercy at various local events including, First Fridays in Old City Philadelphia, Peddler's Village and sporting events to name a few.


The best of the best students in grades seven and eight audition for and are selected to sing in the Waldron Mercy Chorale group. Students must show a high skill level of singing, harmonizing and matching pitch, not to mention lots of school spirit and a positive attitude. 

These students represent our school in choir competitions each year. Locations have included New York, Boston, Annapolis, Williamsburg, Disney World and Montreal. Students sing pieces that are extremely challenging and require an additional two to three rehearsals a week. This added work and commitment has earned Waldron Mercy Academy Gold rankings in national competitions and leaves the students with memories that last a lifetime.

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