Chorale Commitment Form

  • Members are required to attend all rehearsals. Chorale members rehearse on Day 2 (women), Day 3 (men) and Day 4 (ALL), at lunch/recess/adivsory. When performances are imminent, we hold extra rehearsals which members are required to attend.
  • Members must check Mr. Borton's website for weekly updates to the practice schedule.
  • Members must be on time to all rehearsals and have their folders and pencils.
  • Members must be willing to give 100% of their energy in rehearsals and performances.
  • Members must attend the Open House on October 29. Members must also attend the Christmas and Spring Concerts. Attendance at these events is mandatory. Any known conflicts should accompany this commitment letter and be signed by the parent for the music director’s approval.
  • Additional performances may be scheduled, and members will receive notice in rehearsal and on the music director’s website. Parents must give written notice within one week of additional concert notices if they will not be able to perform.
  • Members must participate in their regular grade Choir.
  • The Chorale participation fee is $175 due with this contract. This covers uniform expenses, additional music and concert fees. You will be billed this registration fee, please do not send in a check.
  • *NOTE – Additional fees may apply for concerts outside WMA and for the Chorale Trip. The trip expense has historically been between $600 and $700. The trip is not mandatory, but participation is highly encouraged.
  • You will be assigned a uniform, folder and music for the year. These are your personal responsibility. Any damage or loss will be billed to your account at the end of the year.
  • It is strongly recommended that all Chorale students take voice lessons. Not only will this ensure proper vocal health, but students who need help learning music will have their voice teacher as a resource.
  • Chorale students may be dismissed or suspended from the group for any of the following reasons:
    • Academics - All Chorale students must maintain a 70% GPA or higher all classes.
    • Disciplinary - Chorale members are held to the highest academic and behavioral standards. Students must not have disciplinary problems in any school area. Infractions and suspensions will be reported to the Music Director.
    • Absences and/or tardiness - Students and parents will receive one warning before a member is dismissed for this reason.
    • Attitude - Students must demonstrate a consistent positive work ethic and performance standards.
    • Musicianship - Students must learn all music and sing their part on pitch.

Thank you,

Michael Borton
Music Director

Please complete the form below acknowledging that you read and understand the above requirements.

Chorale Commitment Form

Parent Electronic Signature
I have read fully the commitments above and my child permitted to be a member of the Chorale for the current academic school year.
Student Electronic Signature
I understand the commitment involved in being a Chorale member and will fulfill that commitments to the best of my abilities.
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