Private Music lessons

Registration for 2019-2020 Music Lessons is now open for the fall. Please reference the chart below for the lessons types and instruments offered. If you'd like to sign up for music lessons please visit this page. If you have any questions regarding lessons, please contact Michael Borton.



Suzuki Group Lessons

(20 mins, twice/week)

Private Lessons

(30 mins, once/week)

Piano Pre-k to 8  
Violin Pre-k to 8
(Pre-k, Mont., Kind.)

(1 to 8)
Cello Pre-k to 8
(Pre-k, Mont., Kind.)

(1 to 8)
Guitar 2 to 8  
Flute 4 to 8  
Clarinet 4 to 8  
Saxophone 4 to 8  
Percussion 3 to 8
(grade 2 by request)
Trumpet 4 to 8  
Trombone 4 to 8  
French Horn 4 to 8  
Voice 6 to 8
(grade 5 by request)

Note: Students in pre-k through grade 3 will be picked up from classes for their weekly lessons. Students in grades 4 through 8 must be responsible to come to their lessons on their own and at their allotted times. Persistent tardiness and forgotten lessons will be reported to the parents and will NOT be rescheduled.

Guitar Lessons


Lessons are offered before, during and after school according to teacher availability. Each student who registers for private lessons will receive 24 lessons during the school year and a studio recital. If your child plays sports any time of the year, please consider having them take their lesson before or during the school day. Lessons missed due to extracurricular conflicts will NOT be made up. Lesson times are scheduled with the cooperation of parents and teachers to limit the disruption to the student’s academic schedule. Lunch/recess slots are limited. No lesson times are guaranteed; they are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Missed Lesson Policy

Students will receive no more than three (3) make-up lessons throughout the year. Missed lessons will only be made up under the following conditions:

  • Excused Student Absence: The private teacher will ONLY make up an excused absence if the teacher and Music Department are notified prior to the start of the school day. Unexcused absences will not be made up.
  • Teacher Absence: These conflicts will NOT count as one of your three (3) make-up lessons.
  • School Activities: Private music lesson teachers MUST be notified the day before a field trip, visitation, retreat, etc. to receive a make-up lesson.

Note: Extracurricular conflicts do NOT constitute a make-up lesson. Plan carefully when you request your lesson time.

Billing Information

Private and Suzuki lesson packages are $810 for the year. You may pay the amount in full or you will be billed in 4 installments:

  • October 1 - $210
  • December 1 - $200
  • February 1 - $200
  • April 1 - $200

By registering for private or Suzuki lessons, you are agreeing to a full year committment. Lessons may not be canceled early and there are no refunds.

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