Instrumental Ensembles

String EnsembleDoes your child play the violin? Guitar? Drums? Trumpet? Any instrument? Is he or she looking for friends to play with? Here they are at WMA!

String Ensemble

The String Ensemble is a group that meets after school once a week for violin and cello students from grades 2 through 6. Students have to have at least one of private lessons to join, but they do not have to take lessons a WMA.This ensemble performs for the Christmas and Spring Concerts. They also visit the Sisters of Mercy at McAuley Convent and share their music with them. It is a perfect way to increase their musicianship, eartraining and have a lot of fun making music with others!

Rock Band

Rock Band is open to students in grades 6 through 8 who have been studying guitar, bass, drums, brass, woodwind, keyboard or voice for at least a year. These students meet once a week after school and work on classic and modern rock. They perform at the Spring Concert and for a special end-of-the-year Community Gathering.

Students have a great deal of input on the songs they work on and strive for a truly professional sound!

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