Current Parents' Campaign

Thank you to the families who have made their investment in WMA through gifts to the Annual Fund.

Our Board of Trustees and Faculty/Staff have 100% participation. Our goal is to have 100% from our current families too!

Below is the Percentage of Participation by Grade as of may 4, 2018:

Grade 8...51%

Grade 7...33-1/3%

Grade 6...59%

Grade 5...62%

Grade 4...54%

Grade 3...59%

Grade 2...60%

Grade 1...49%





It takes every "1" to make 100%

2017-2018 Parents' Campaign Chairs

Steve and Evelyn Bennett

Parents' Campaign Committee

Mark and Catherine Avitabile
Enrico Crispo and Melissa Lennon
Antonio DiCarlo and Laura Panarello
Patrick '81 and Cassandra Doyle
Daniel Furtek and Catherine Murray
Kate Giordano
Michael and Kristen '87 Gorman
Andy and Patti Haas
Matthew and Maryellen Hank
Pat Harvey and Kate McNamara Harvey
Christopher Holland and Lisa Bond-Holland
Kelly McClure
Adrian and Alana McGill
Jim and Nancy McKinley
Christopher and Meghan Millard
Chris and Anne Miller
Andrew and Sharon O'Malley
Trevis and Alex Parson
Kristen Poole
Joe and Terri Pooler
Albert and Erin Schmidt
Valjean and Shelley Sylva
Matt Segreti and Eileen Everly '87
Brendan and Jen Tierney
Duane Vargas '89 and Denise Smith
Heidi Villari

Throughout Waldron Mercy's history, our families have been the ones who made the greatest difference by investing their time to build our community and their treasure to build our school. Each generation of our students benefits from this legacy of generosity.

We believe in 100% parental investment at all levels and, each year, we ask all families to give to the school through the Waldron Annual Fund.

2017-2018 Parents' Campaign Chairs

Steve and Evelyn Bennett


To make your gift today, chose from the following options:

  1. Call us directly at 484-420-2718
  2. Make your gift online.
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