Edgar H. Griffiths '35 Planned Giving Society

Waldron Mercy Academy mourned the loss of Edgar H. Griffiths Jr., on May 12, 2009. A member of the class of 1935, Edgar had been an ardent supporter of Waldron from his earliest days as a boarder. He was often called upon to chase after two beloved St. Bernard dogs - Bruno and Nardo - who lived on campus. This evolved into a life-long love of the breed, and Edgar and his wife, Mary, would have several of them as pets over the years.

Following his graduation from Waldron Academy for Boys, Edgar graduated from St. Joseph's Preparatory School and then St. Joseph's University. He served in the U.S. Army during World War II. Edgar joined the Radio Corporation of America (RCA Victor) and rose to the position of President/CEO and Chairman of the Board. After leaving RCA, he became a consultant to General Electric.

Edgar and his wife, Mary, were among the first donors to the Reaching New Heights Capital Campaign when WMA undertook the renovation of the third floor attic (where Edgar reminisced about keeping his clothes trunk as a boarder). To see how his support helped turn this space into a library, technology center, and art studio was inspiring to Edgar and Mary. Over the years they continued to be faithful and generous supporters to the Annual Fund.

Even after his death, Edgar made sure that his generosity to Waldron Mercy would continue by endowing the largest single contribution made to the school, in excess of $2 million. In his will he noted the impact the Sisters of Mercy had on his life:

"This bequest is in remembrance of the Sisters of Waldron Academy who by their kindness, dedication and talent greatly influenced my life and is made with gratitude and affection for the splendid education I received and which was invaluable in later years. My memories are vivid and numerous of my days at Waldron - from my arrival as a boarding student at age six in 1927 until graduation at age 14 in 1935."

We hope that you will be inspired to follow Edgar and Mary Griffiths' example and include Waldron Mercy in your estate plans. Your gift will have a significant effect on the education Waldron Mercy Academy provides to present and future students. 

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