Sponsorships and Ads

Sponsorships and ads are donations with benefits! Sponsorships can include exposure on the Tigerfest website, signage, bidding devices and more—even tickets to the event!--depending on the level of sponsorship. Sponsorships start at $850.

Advertising enables you to communicate your message in the Tigerfest Auction Book. Ads start at only $125 ($100 for family ads!).

Sponsorships and Ads can be completed online or by returning the Sponsorship/Ad form.


Underwriting helps cover the costs of Tigerfest, allowing financial gifts to be used directly to benefit our mission. Underwriters are acknowledged in the Tigerfest Auction Catalog, on the event website, and in school communications, such as the Blue & Gold magazine and the WMA Weekly. Underwriters may finance all or part of one of the identified expenses, starting at $250.

To underwrite a portion of Tigerfest '19, complete the online form or return the printable Underwriting form.

Item Donations

Donating an auction item helps raise money at Tigerfest--and makes bidding fun! Donate items by completing either the online or return the printed Donation form.

Cash Donations

Donating cash helps Tigerfest raise critical funds to support our mission of inspiring serious study, social responsibility, and strong faith among our students. You can donate online or by returning the Donation form.

Raffle Tickets

Buy raffle tickets to win fantastic cash prizes!

Grand Prize • $2,500
Second Prize • $1,000
Third Prize • $500

Order raffle tickets online or by returning the printable Raffle form.

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