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 Adamson, Dana     Montessori Teacher  Mont. Room A    dadamson@waldronmercy.org
 Albano-Curl, Monica  WMCC Teacher  WMCC  610-664-  2829  
 Augustine, Mary  Montessori Teacher  Mont. Room B  124  maugustine@waldronmercy.org
 Aurand, Eileen  Grade 1 Teacher  Room 1-12  711  eaurand@waldronmercy.org
 Baldwin, Barbara  Music Teacher  Music Room  139  bbaldwin@waldronmercy.org
 Barber, John  Williamson Hospitality  Kitchen  118  
 Barone, Victoria    WMCC Teacher  WMCC  610-664- 2829  
 Betlejeski, Linda  Preschool Music Teacher  Music Suite  801  lbetlejeski@waldronmercy.org
 Bondelid, Marti  Montessori Assistant  Mont. Room B  700  mbondelid@waldronmercy.org
 Borton, Michael  Director of Music  Music Suite  136  mborton@waldronmercy.org
 Braca, Ann Marie  Principal  Principal's Office    abraca@waldronmercy.org
 Brennan, Lydia  Kindergarten Teacher  K-B  705  lbrennan@waldronmercy.org
 Burns, Sue  Grades 5 and 6 Math  Room 6-19  763  sburns@waldronmercy.org
 Byrne, Donna  WMCC Teacher  WMCC  610-664-  2829  
 Cahill, Nancy  Business Manager  Business Office  145  ncahill@waldronmercy.org
 Colavita, Sonia  Accounting Manager  Business Office  116  scolavita@waldronmercy.org
 Cooper, Christine  Grade 5 Religion and Social Studies  Room 5-22  720  ccooper@waldronmercy.org
 Cox, Lorraine  Administrative Assistant  Comm. Office  111  lcox@waldronmercy.org
 DeHoratius, Mary Ann  Part-Time Math Specialist  Perry Library  134  madehoratius@waldronmercy.org
 Derderdian, Nancy  WMCC Teacher  WMCC  610-664-  2829  
 DeSanto, Katie  Grade 8 Language Arts Teacher  Room 8-15  716  kdesanto@waldronmercy.org
 Dickman, Adam  Director of Athletics/Physical Education  Lower Level  123  adickman@waldronmercy.org
 Dougherty, Joanne  Reading Specialist  Lower Level  164  jdougherty@waldronmercy.org
 Evans, Sandy  Preschool Teacher  Pre-School  709  sevans@waldronmercy.org
 Ferry, Kitty  Grade 3 Teacher  Room 3-5  731  kferry@waldronmercy.org
 Fitzpatrick, Krista  Librarian - Teacher  Library  142  kfitzpatrick@waldronmercy.org
 Flanagan, Eileen  Grades 7 and 8 Social Studies  Room 7-16A  781  eflanagan@waldronmercy.org
 Flatley, Gina  Grade 3 Teacher  Room 3-4  732  gflatley@waldronmercy.org
 Flowers, Candace  School Nurse  Nurse's Office  112  cbflowers@waldronmercy.org
 Flynn, Peg  Development Director  Advancement  Suite  131  mflynn@waldronmercy.org
Fogarty, Caili Advancement Services/Database Manager Advancement Suite 114  cfogarty@waldronmercy.org
 Fry, Louise  Director, Waldron Mercy Child Care  WMCC  610-664-  2829  lfry@waldronmercy.org
 Gallagher, Fran   Administrative Assistant  Front Desk  110  fgallagher@waldronmercy.org
 Gallagher, Suzanne  Admission  Advancement Suite  122  sgallagher@waldronmercy.org
 Gannon, Theresa  Middle School Director  Directors' Office  146  tgannon@waldronmercy.org
 Gilbert Sacchetti, Rachel  Kindergarten Teacher  K-A  710  rgilbert@waldronmercy.org
 Geschke, Maggie  WMCC Teacher  WMCC  610-664-  2829  
 Goodman, Mary  Reading Specialist  Resource Room  717  mgoodman@waldronmercy.org
 Guarini, Bonnie  Grade 4 Teacher  Room 4-24  761  bguarini@waldronmercy.org
 Hamilton, Jim  Williamson Hospitality  Kitchen  118  
 Hammel, Karen  Mercy After Care Supervisor  MAC  135  
 Hymel, Beth  Art Teacher  Art Studio  141  bhymel@waldronmercy.org
 Ireland, Gail  Kindergarten Assistant  K-B  706  gireland@waldronmercy.org
 Kakos, Carolina  Spanish Teacher      ckakos@waldronmercy.org
 Kelly, Tim  Facility Operations  Lower Level  159  
 Kelley, Courtney  Grade 4 Teacher  Room 4-25  917  ckelley@waldronmercy.org
 Kokir-Miller, Dada  WMCC Assistant Teacher  WMCC  610-664-  2829  
 Kramer, Alex  Grade 6 Teacher  Room 6-20  733  akramer@waldronmercy.org
 Kuzan, Mary Ann  Grades 5 and 6 Science  Room 5-23  762  makuzan@waldronmercy.org
  Kontostergios, Ashley  Spanish Teacher  Lower Level  151  akontostergios@waldronmercy.org
 Lane, Bill  Security    718  
Leonard, Carolyn

Marketing/Communications Coordinator

Comm. Office 163


 Leonard, Joe  Grade 7 Language Arts Teacher  Room 7-16  752  jleonard@waldronmercy.org
 Leuzzi, Maria  Pre-K Teacher  Pre-K  162  mlleuzzi@waldronmercy.org
 Logan, Sharon  Custodian    816  
 MacWilliams, RSM, Sr. Barbara  Enrichment Teacher  Computer Lab  732  bmacwilliams@waldronmercy.org
 Maletta, Kristine  Grade 1 Teacher  Room 1-10  712  kmaletta@waldronmercy.org
 Mammen, Janet  Science Specialist  Science Lab  701  jmammen@waldronmercy.org
 Mastriano, Dennis  Grade 6 Religion and Social Studies  Room 6-18  782  dmastriano@waldronmercy.org
 McDonnell, RSM
 Sr. Joellen
 Director, Admission  Admission Office  113  jmcdonnell@waldronmercy.org
 McGinley, Karen  Advancement Assistant  Advancement Suite  148  kmcginley@waldronmercy.org
 McKelvey, Angela  Grade 2 Teacher  2-9  721  amckelvey@waldronmercy.org
 McKinley, Nancy  Preschool Assistant  Preschool  913  nmckinley@waldronmercy.org
 McLaughlin, Courtney  Grade 2 Teacher  2-8  809  cmclaughlin@waldronmercy.org
 Mitchell, RSM
 Sr. Mary Christella
 Montessori Teacher  Mont. Room B  702  mchristella@waldronmercy.org
 Morinigo, Eva  Pre-K Assistant  Pre-K  704  emorinigo@waldronmercy.org
 Morrow, Niecie  Preschool Plus Assistant  Preschool Plus  808  amorrow@waldronmercy.org
 Murray, Mark  Director, Finance and Operations  Room 3  115  mmurray@waldronmercy.org
 Murphy, John  Custodian  Lower Level    
 Nolan, Maryann  WMCC Teacher  WMCC  610-664-  2829  
 O'Donnell, Jimmy  Facility Manager  Lower Level  117  jodonnell@waldronmercy.org
 Orapallo, Michelle  Grade 3 Teacher  Room 3-6  732  morapallo@waldronmercy.org
 Orapallo, Amy  Montessori Assistant  Mont. Room A  811  aorapallo@waldronmercy.org
 Papatheodore, Patty  Preschool Art Teacher  Art Room  802  ppapatheodore@waldronmercy.org
 Pawlish, Irene  Grades 7 and 8 Math  Room 8-17  783  ipawlish@waldronmercy.org
 Pawlowski, Jacki  Grade 1 Teacher  Room 1-11  912  jpawlowski@waldronmercy.org
 Ricchiuti, Lisa  Kindergarten Assistant  K-A  708  lricchiuti@waldronmercy.org
 Rissover, Catherine  Grade 2 Teacher  Room 2-7  723  crissover@waldronmercy.org
 Robinson, Ashley  Special Events Coordinator  Tigerfest Office  127  arobinson@waldronmercy.org
 Romano, Kristen  Lower School Director  Directors Office  130  kromano@waldronmercy.org
 Rondinelli, RSM
 Sr. Marita Carmel
 Library Assistant

 Perry Memorial

 803  mcarmel@waldronmercy.org
 Sally, Megan  Grade 5 Language Arts  Room 5-21  916  msally@waldronmercy.org
 Scott, Barbara  Director of Technology  Perry Library  143  bscott@waldronmercy.org
 Soltis, Greg

 Director of Outreach and Religious Education

 Outreach Office  133  gsoltis@waldronmercy.org
 Stricklan, Samdai  Grades 7 and 8 Science  Room 7-14  753  sstricklan@waldronmercy.org
 Suero, Anita  Preschool Spanish Teacher  Perry Library  715  asuero@waldronmercy.org
 Trinacria, Kim  Grade 7 and 8 Religion  Room 8-13  772  ktrinacria@waldronmercy.org
 Tucker, Virginia  WMCC Assistant  WMCC  610-664-  2829  
 Venezia, Gina  Reading Specialist  Resource Room  160  gvenezia@waldronmercy.org
 Wellman, Anne  Preschool Plus Teacher  Preschool Plus  709  awellman@waldronmercy.org
 White, Michael  Custodian    817  
 Williams, Alinda  WMCC Teacher  WMCC  610-664-  2829  
 Wojciechowski, Janice  Grade 4 Teacher  Room 4-26  743  jwojciechowski@waldronmercy.org
 Zorn, Grace  School Counselor  Counseling  Office  132  gzorn@waldronmercy.org
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