Meet the Gallagher Family

The Gallagher FamilyDan and Suzanne Gallagher, Jack ’19, Luke ’19, Quinn ’23, Reece ‘26

We're often asked, "Why do you send your kids to Waldron Mercy Academy?" We have four sons, we live in a town with a public school district and several neighborhood Catholic Schools within miles of our house; and yet, we send our kids to Waldron Mercy.

When we started researching schools eight years ago, we were looking for a school where each of our children, with their unique gifts and talents, could thrive academically, socially and spiritually. We wanted a place where our boys would be exposed to diverse experiences, a place where educating the whole person and making the world a better place were paramount. It needed to be a comfortable and safe learning environment -- a home away from home where our children would be both supported and loved and could grow in faith. Most importantly, the curriculum and experience needed to provide the foundation for life in academics, arts and community. Eight years ago, we never could have imagined just how special WMA would become to us.

Waldron Mercy Academy is an investment worth its weight in gold (and blue!). Through its commitment to a values-based education, diversity, small class size, a strong arts program, athletic programs and other well-rounded opportunities (service opportunities, STEM challenges, rock band), we know our children are challenged to grow in a very unique way. Complement that with the Waldron Mercy community and you find yourself surrounded by kind, compassionate, respectful families that support the teachers, coaches and administration in all they do.

WMA has truly played a significant role in shaping and educating our children. We see our boys growing into gentlemen who are aware of their faith and encouraged to find their gifts and a sense of place in the world. Our whole family is benefiting from their experience of being educated in the Mercy tradition and for that we are grateful and blessed. We are so proud to be a Waldron Mercy Academy family!

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