Meet the McDonald Family

Roman and Elana McDonald, Roman Jr. ’18, and Ryan ’21
We joined the Waldron Mercy Academy family when our sons, Roman and Ryan, were entering first grade and ECC. We had just moved back to Philadelphia from the suburbs. As we looked at private schools, a family friend highly recommended Waldron Mercy Academy. We instantly fell in love with the school, starting with our initial visit with Sister Joellen. As we toured the school, we were amazed at how poised and well-spoken the students were as they were spontaneously stopped in the hallways and asked what they enjoyed about Waldron. Roman was equally thrilled to come to Waldron. During his visit to the school, the other students welcomed him with open arms.

Waldron has challenged our sons academically, while fostering the same core values we instill in them at home. The school also provides great sports, music, and art opportunities. We love the sense of community that is ever present at Waldron. The parents are always welcome to participate in a multitude of activities. We look forward to our children's continued growth academically, personally, and socially at Waldron Mercy Academy.

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